About Us

We at Conspecta are providing services of specialised graphical design, primarely architectural 3d visualisation and modeling. Our goal is to provide architects and alike with complete service of 3d visualisation, from starting phase in which idea is born, to the final stage where a project must be represented in best possible manner.
Guided with love and dedication to our work, we´ve set for ourselves high standards, where precision and professional approach is a must, and the ultimate goal - a satisfied client.

Modus operandi

Upon Your order, we will start to gather required information about Your project. Although we are able to work solely by sketches and descriptions, due to simlicity and faster work alltogether, it is advisable to provide us with CAD plans in one of the industry standard formats, such as .dwg, .dxf, etc.. Client can also provide us with the information about used materials, textures, furniture, plant/tree species, color, overall mood, camera position and so on...

Time needed for project completion

If necessary, we provide priority service with a minimum of 48 hours to deliver Your visualisation. Regular time for every project is 5 to 15 days, depending of the complexity of a project.


Price of a single visualisation depends of the number of visualisations per project. We offer substantial discount for every aditional visualisation.


If You prefer to contact us trough ways other than our contact form, feel free to do this directly:
e-mail: info@conspecta-pavin.hr
phone: +385 99 691 0889
Skype: ivan.pavin
facebook: www.facebook.com/vizualizacije